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1. aikemy AI + chemistry for Business
2. Save 99% of the time spent on analytics for Solutions Solutions Solutions for Oil Save costs Make it better Make the quality and safety issues impossible by design. Centralize decision-making and flexibly integrate the solution into your processes. Pharmaceuticals Food & Beverage Agriculture Powders & Raw Materials Cosmetics Liquids Solids
3. Pocket Lab – Revolutionary Reliable Technology • Detect the chemical composition of your products • Continuously control quality along your manufacturing streams Miniaturized NIRS for 100$* 4 cm Rapid, extremely easy-to-use and AI-based pocket lab enables you to: 2 cm Wavelength ranges: 1350-2150 nm • Recognize frauds and counterfeits * Benchmark Conventional NIRS for Labs ~30K-100K USD
4. End-to-end Platform for Real-time Decision Making Reliable Rapid Extremely Easy to Use 4 cm Real-time Decision Making Centralized Management System
5. Published Case Study: Falsified Viagra (Pfizer) Successfully Detected* − Pharma industry is losing $431 billion in revenue a year due to falsified medicinal products.** PCA for Sildenafil-based medicines falsified Kamagra − 78 measurements of different tablets sourced in EU (online and in pharmacies) using the pocket lab. Findings: authentic Viagra − All products classified correctly according to their manufacturing source. falsified Viagra − Falsified Viagra and Kamagra show wide-spread in quality. generic Eriacta * Sroka, Phar. Reg. Affairs, Volume 9:1, 2020 ** WHO: Garrett L. Ensuring the Safety and Integrity of the World’s Drug, Vaccine, and Medicines Supply.
6. Use Case: Eliminate Falsified Products Throughout the Global Distribution Channels Benefits - Learn on outliers using AI: numbers, trends, clusters, locations, types Inspect Global Supply Chain - Wide-reaching, real-time screening prevents problems and reduces effort of in-lab analysis. - Make Strategic Decisions Centralized information supports you in identifying and prioritizing quality issues. Learn on outliers Make evidence-driven HQ strategic decisions
7. Our Offer Aikemy builds tailored to your needs end-to-end solutions: - Software development: desktop or mobile apps - Hardware development (e.g., integration into your manufacturing streams) - Project management from the feasibility studies to go-life - Data mining - Custom spectral libraries Support GMP compliance Customer Service First Free Trial and Consultation Available! Contact us for more information.
8. Great to meet you! Agata Sroka Founder & CEO aikemy GmbH Seebacherstrasse 22 8052 Zurich M +41 765702250 E
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